Sativa Dominant
27% Total Cannabinoids
Profile: Notes Cherry and punch of Lime
Terpenes: Farsenene, β-Myrcene β-Caryophyllene
Environment: Greenhouse grown by our dear friends at Good Ole’ Boys Hemp Co
Perfect Cure, Hand-Trimmed



The Experience

Uplifting and Calming. Perfect to enhance yoga or meditation practice. Helps with body & mind balance. Promotes Knowledge of Self.

1 review for KRS 1

  1. Nashville Yogi

    When I picked up my order of KRS 1, it was clear that a lot of love goes into what these folks do. This particular strain helped me with sleep. I’ve been an insomniac majority of my life. Even as a yoga teacher that practices yoga and meditation daily, I still have trouble staying asleep at night. This strain of hemp flower helped me relax and fall asleep naturally, unlike any over-the-counter or prescription sleep aid. No side effects, no hangover, and no risk of dependence. If you have trouble sleeping or you are prone to anxiety and stress, I HIGHLY recommend this flower. It’s also great for deepening my meditation and yoga practice. Thank God for Perfect Plant Hemp Co.! I look forward to being a long-time customer!

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