Balanced Hybrid
21% Total Cannabinoids
Profile: Notes of Peaches and Orange Creamsicle
Terpenes: Farsenene, β-Myrcene, Linalool, β-Caryophyllene
Environment: Sungrown by award winning farm, Volunteer Hemp



The Experience

Enjoy early access to these unreleased genetics from the Crawford Brothers! We normally don't include outdoor on our smokable flower menu, but these genetics have bred for the hot southern climates; hence the name. Besides being one of the best tasting hemp cultivars yet, expect the Carolina to dismantle any anxiety you may be experiencing. Perfect for boosts of creativity by day, and relaxation by night.

3 reviews for Carolina

  1. griffin

    After physically getting out of bed, this one helps me mentally get out of bed.

    Love it!

  2. h brown

    ive smoked a lot of flower in nashville and have never heard of the carolina…. im glad i tried it. super special, def getting an oz next time

  3. Emma Walker

    Just makes day to day life enhanced. Boosts my creativity and productivity and is that little nudge to help get things done. Creates a very chilled out vibe and also helps me stay asleep at night. Would love to purchase again.

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